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Italian saffron in stigma produced with organic bulbs.

Growth according a sustainable agriculture, without any use of herbicides, harvested by hand and dried at controlled temperature

Do you know that saffron is


Good for safe weight loss

because is a natural appetite suppressant


Helping maintaining good mood

by increasing serotonin levels


Good for health

because is an antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, helping sharpening memory and sleeping

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0,5 grammes

A small box,
perfect for tasting it or
give away as a gift!

  • 0,5 g of Saffron in stigmas
  • Perfect for 12/13 people


1 grammes

A big box,
perfect for surprising your friends
with a good risotto alla Milanese!

  • 1 g of Saffron in stigmas
  • Perfect for 24/25 people
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