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It is not possible to find out how many harvests you will have in front of you, they say no more than fifty.
I believe this is what makes wine special, each bottle, in fact, carries within itself a whole year of life.
This is my first harvest.
The harvest of the year in which I decided to abandon my old life to devote myself to the work that already belonged to my grandfather.
I didn't get to know him, but today I'm lucky enough to work his vineyards. The same ones that he planted, now, 60 years ago.
I started from scratch, and that didn't make things easy. But along the way, I realized that I have many people willing to help and support me.
And now, thanks to them too, here is my first bottle.
I decided to produce only Nebbiolo because this is the wine of my family, the vine that has always surrounded my house and makes these hills unique.
My vineyards are very steep and this forces me to do much of the work by hand.
Surely nature is grateful to me, but the efforts are big. At least as much as the passion I put into it.
You will find only 3610 bottles and 33 Magnum of this wine.
When you decide to drink one, have a toast with someone and enjoy every moment.
am sure that, beyond the wine, it will be a unique moment.

Stefano Occhetti

We are just in the second year, and yet it seems to me a lifetime has already passed.
If I look back, it doesn't seem real to me to have arrived at this second bottle: I still remember last January, when I started working my vineyards without any tractor, without a cellar, without a true idea of what it would have been. Just a lot of determination, a great desire to succeed and a pinch of madness.
In this second year - a difficult year, certainly more difficult than the first because of pandemia and investments - many have asked me if I was still convinced of what I was doing, if I hadn't regretted my choice. If I had finally understood what it meant to be a winemaker and if it would have been better to continue to be an engineer, in an office, under the cool of the air conditioning.
But no, yet the answer is always the same: no, I'm not regretful.
I could tell you that I am more tired, certainly more aware, less emotional, but certainly more alive and enthusiastic than ever. These five thousand one hundred and fifty bottles of mine are proof of that.
Once, after a nice evening spent with a young and ambitious girl, I had the courage to ask her for a second date.
Luckily we met again and, today, all this is also thanks to her.
And you? will you give me a second date?

Stefano Occhetti

I've always loved sports, soccer in particular. It's not that I was a phenomenon, on the contrary, I was the classic midfielder with crooked feet, playing on the typical suburban field, retrieving balls.
From this role I learned many lessons in life, one in particular: it doesn't matter the result, it doesn't matter if you scored a goal or if you made the right pass at the right time, what matters is giving everything, until the end.
This year, like in every game I played, I think I did it, I think I gave everything, thanks also to experience.
In fact, if the first chapter was mostly heart and nerves, the second a little more muscles and lungs, the third chapter was all this put together and something more: a lot, a lot of head.
A lot of head to dose the forces when they were missing. A lot of head to make the most of what has been learned so far and to consolidate the first experiences.
A lot of head to not give up. As they teach you in those dirty, small, old suburban locker rooms.
Because those who are born midfielders know it: they know that if they give up, the team gives up. They know that if they get distracted, if they relax for a single second, if they play hoping that their teammates will do their job, in the end the team will concede a goal.
But if you don't give up, maybe one day, after years of hard work and bumps, you'll win the World Cup.

Stefano Occhetti



Our "easy" Nebbiolo: dynamic, fresh and direct.
Like a young boy!



Our "elegant" Nebbiolo: complex, mature and refined at the same time.
Like a real gentleman!

Nebbiolo metodo classico


Our sparkling Nebbiolo!
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