My names is Stefano.

I am an engineer with a Master in Business Administration @ College des Ingenieurs

During the last ten years, I lived in Rome, In Paris and in Stavanger but, even if I would repeat every experience I did, I always missed my home, the wonderful hills of Monteu Roero, in Roero

So, in 2019, I left back my old life in a big Corporate for following the path of my grandfathers : being a winemaker.

Being a winemaker is though, above all in Roero vineyards, so steep and so hard to work.

But this work gives you a lot of satisfactions and the joy to work close to my family and into my original land has no price.

Now the story is going on... in 2022 Giulia Joined me and now the next chapter is on its way!

But now... see our story in a nutshell!


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